Alpha Resources Inc. - Association Management Professionals
Alpha Resources is a professional, full-service association management firm. We function as the outsourced staff in a shared-resource environment. Our client organizations enjoy access to personnel with professional credentials, experience and expertise, as well as administrative resources. We offer clients the flexibility to outsource one or more activities of an association staff, whether it is a single function or comprehensive headquarters/central office administration including the entire portfolio of services.

From coordinating board activities, to planning conferences and meetings; from strategic planning to finance administration and budgeting; from providing office and administrative services, to managing membership and communications, Alpha Resources provides client organizations with dedicated resources to help them run smoothly and efficiently. We recognize and respect the unique needs of each of our client organizations and tailor our service methodology to meet those unique needs and expectations.

We offer a full range of management duties for non-profits, including membership organizations, professional trade associations and societies, and affiliated charitable entities. We strive to provide our clients with the knowledge and services needed to develop and grow their organizations.

Local references available.

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